Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bike ride #3 of 2013, or the most surreal solo ride yet!

Ok, yes, it's me, your fickle author. Let's forgo the obligatory "this is my renewed attempt at blogging" and just get to the inspiration!

I live in central Minnesota. It's April, 20, 2013. Yes, winter is long here, but the snow has come and gone several times over the past few weeks and I have an unbelievable case of spring fever. I've had recurring nightmares I'm trapped in a land of eternal winter, just white and grey and cold cold cold.

So today I ventured out into the balmy 39 degree afternoon on my bike. Armed with a water bottle, bike pump, and my long zoom camera with fresh batteries, I headed out into the blinding sunshine.

I first happened across a large bird in a tree just off the road - when I snapped this shot I thought I was photographing a hawk...but now as I look closer, is it an owl.  What do you think?  I need to research long zoom  digital cameras that aren't so sensitive to motion!

I also watched Canadian geese come in for a landing - always a pleasure. It's louder than you may imagine!

There were deer, too!  Looks like young ones, I think.

 Spotted lots of wildlife on my bike ride tonight...this skunk came to check me out.  I slowed down to watch it and It tottered across the street which wasn't concerning, but then it started to charge toward me!

What would you do? I chose to remain still, thinking any sudden moves may result in being sprayed.
I held my breath.
The skunk came up to me, sniffed my ankles, and ran away!
Mixed feelings about that.

Makes me wonder if I smell like cat/dog food from afar :)

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