Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bike ride #3 of 2013, or the most surreal solo ride yet!

Ok, yes, it's me, your fickle author. Let's forgo the obligatory "this is my renewed attempt at blogging" and just get to the inspiration!

I live in central Minnesota. It's April, 20, 2013. Yes, winter is long here, but the snow has come and gone several times over the past few weeks and I have an unbelievable case of spring fever. I've had recurring nightmares I'm trapped in a land of eternal winter, just white and grey and cold cold cold.

So today I ventured out into the balmy 39 degree afternoon on my bike. Armed with a water bottle, bike pump, and my long zoom camera with fresh batteries, I headed out into the blinding sunshine.

I first happened across a large bird in a tree just off the road - when I snapped this shot I thought I was photographing a hawk...but now as I look closer, is it an owl.  What do you think?  I need to research long zoom  digital cameras that aren't so sensitive to motion!

I also watched Canadian geese come in for a landing - always a pleasure. It's louder than you may imagine!

There were deer, too!  Looks like young ones, I think.

 Spotted lots of wildlife on my bike ride tonight...this skunk came to check me out.  I slowed down to watch it and It tottered across the street which wasn't concerning, but then it started to charge toward me!

What would you do? I chose to remain still, thinking any sudden moves may result in being sprayed.
I held my breath.
The skunk came up to me, sniffed my ankles, and ran away!
Mixed feelings about that.

Makes me wonder if I smell like cat/dog food from afar :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Since I want to get back into writing (for fun) and I also have a new friend of the canine variety, I thought why not merge the two interests into a blog? :)

Meet Hazel. 

She's a one year old chihuahua mix.  We saw her picture on the Tri-county Humane Society's website and knew we had to met her - tell me you wouldn't feel the same!

Unfortunately she was not available for viewing; the first time we visited she was on a road trip to the University of Minnesota.  On top of that, the helpful staff at the front desk let us know that someone else had placed a deposit on her.  Her forever family was scheduled to pick her up in a week.

I tried to let things go - I knew the right puppy would find us at the right time. 

I kept checking the website in search of our new friend.  A few days later I noticed Hazel's picture was still posted. For some reason - call it intuition, or more accurately obstinance - I decided to call and check on Hazel's status.

The kind gal on the phone said she thought Hazel was no longer at the shelter, but she'd double check.  Turns she was back from the U in a few days (standard spaying and microchipping procedures courtesy of the veterinary students) - and the family who had previously reserved Hazel changed its mind and rescinded the deposit...

My belly was full of butterflies when I was told we could meet her on Saturday...and before I knew it I was giving the receptionist my credit card number to make my own deposit.  Somehow I knew it was meant to be :)

Hazel joined our family on February 25th, 2012.
I hope to chronicle Hazel's adventures here, among other things.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well hi there, 2012!

It's that time of year.  Time to start fresh, begin again, recommit.  Resolve and all that jazz.

In 2012 I want to find more time for FUN.

And yeah, I am a list person.  And yeah, I think that your thoughts are more powerful when you write them down. So here goes: a stream of consciousness list.

I want to...
Learn to knit.  Cook more at home and write down the recipes!  Go for walks.  Take more photos.  Maintain balance.  Write letters.  Make more music.  Learn to play the bass, sing more, lay down some tracks.  Be present.  Stay organized.  Make connections.  Be.

Say yes more.

Take roadtrips.  Document the garden.  Get outside.  Resist less.  Let go.  Take off!  Feed the birds.  Ride my bike.  Hike.  Plant more trees.

So, on that note, best wishes to you and yours.
Bring it, 2012 :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lightning and thunder and hail, oh my!

Minnesota weather is nothing if not extreme.  And Minnesotans honor their climate by talking about the weather.  Incessantly.

Working with the public I've learned that weather is the best universal chat fodder in these parts - everyone is guaranteed to have something to say about it.  It's a prerequisite to Minnesota Nice.  Fer sure.  And it's one of those little things that's grown on me about this state.  In fact, it's rather endearing.

So, in the Minnesotan spirit I plan on sharing some weather observations with you from time to time.

Let's begin with a video.  This storm hit us on 7/1/2011.  I filmed it as the hail was just beginning - later we got some golfball sized ones that wreaked havoc on the garden.

Despite our small bit of damage we were quite lucky.  We received 15+ minutes of intense hail instead of the damaging winds.  Trees were uprooted and power lines were down in other nearby areas.  Some places are still without power.

Mother nature has a nice way of putting things in perspective.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello, again

Yikes, it's been awhile.  Hello, again, stranger.  Where do I start?

Instead of catching up I'm going to reflect on right now.  Inspired by the blog my sister-in-law writes I am going to take a moment to list some good stuff from today. 

~A long day at the library done, and I already finished my side job for the weekend.  Exhausting for the mind/body yet amazing for the pocketbook (if I can only remember to bill the side job).  

~Yet I'm energized because it's the eve of my husband's art show debut!
I'll be there as his lovely assistant; I'm so excited for this great opportunity for him.  He's grown so much as an artist in the past year that it's truly shocking.  I'm proud; can you tell? :)

~  Listening to this makes me smile; I spent a good deal of the evening singing.

Life is good.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, June 27, 2009