Friday, October 3, 2008

9.27.08 004

I spent last Saturday at the Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Association Fall Field Day

My mom, grandma and I took a road trip out to Belgrade and we gawked at horses and old farm equipment.

9.27.08 011

There were teams of Percherons and Belgians pulling covered wagons and buggies as well as demonstrating old farming machinery.

9.27.08 027

It's just mind-boggling see how difficult (and dangerous) farming was back then!

9.27.08 032

9.27.08 034

9.27.08 039

I also saw oxen

9.27.08 040

and Norwegian Fjords

9.27.08 025

and we all went on a hay ride
9.27.08 021

A perfect way to spent a Saturday :)

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