Thursday, February 5, 2009

(change of) wedding plans?

The following is a copy of the email I just sent to my future MIL and my parents:

Hi Sue!

How was your Super Bowl party? I hope you got to enjoy it after work. Even though the Cards didn't win I bet it was a lot of fun :)

I'm actually writing to let you know that we are seriously considering having the wedding in Las Vegas. As you know, I don't really enjoy making a lot of decisions, and I have been pretty stressed out the past few months trying to hammer out the details...I talked to my mom yesterday and she could tell how overwhelmed/stressed/confused I am about orchestrating the whole wedding-at-home thing. She mentioned Vegas and I admitted that it sounds pretty tempting.

We initially thought that having the wedding at home would be less stressful, but I don't think me, Patrick, or my mom realized all of the details that would be involved: having a tent put up in case of rain & for shade (at least $1000); renting chairs/tables/dishes; powering lights/music; keeping food & drinks hot/cold; BATHROOMS (could our septic handle it?); parking; transporting guests; hiring a photographer (coverage starts at $1200! and many of the good photographers are already booked for the date we chose); etc, etc.

We are thinking of having the wedding in Vegas, honeymooning (NOT in Vegas), and then later on having a really big fun *casual* backyard potluck party in MN.

We don't want to have a hokey Vegas wedding, but there are some really nice, elegant packages that some hotels offer that include all/most of the details: ceremony, photographer, flowers, planner, etc for a reasonable price. Paris, Caesars, TI, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and even the Venetian have packages that look pretty good. I originally shied away from Vegas because I thought I wanted to choose everything myself, but I am so indecisive! This way everything would be taken care of and we could focus on having fun and celebrating and enjoying the moment which is really what it's all about anyway.

I've been getting sucked into what a wedding is "supposed" to be, and the truth is Patrick and I are not a traditional couple. I tried on all of the fluffy dresses that look amazing when you're standing in front of a 3-way mirror on a pedestal in a bridal shop, but I've realized that isn't really ME, you know? When I tried on the big fluffy dress I bought on eBay at home, I realized how very silly it all is. I realized it's much more important for me to be comfortable than to look like a fairytale princess all dolled up in itchy lace and heavy satin.

I don't want to be running around at home for weeks before the wedding, or even the day of the wedding stressed about details. I want to celebrate and enjoy and relax with family instead of orchestrating this, that and the other :) I want to make this fun for everyone!

What do you think??? I am looking for feedback - pros and cons I may not have thought of. We will have to make the choice VERY soon in order to book everything, but please don't mention this to anyone (besides Joe, of course) until we make a decision.

I am copying this email to my parents to let them know what we're thinking.
I am working the evening shift today, but I will call you tomorrow to chat.
We love you very much!
Jami (& Patrick too)
(P.S. Jim, seems like I'm finally considering being practical, lol!)

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